✈ Jetswapers and Jetfuelers, we are proud to announce our next Initial Jetswap Offering (IJO) with AVTOMATIC. 🤑

🤖 avtoMATIC is a Polygon blockchain-based yield aggregator/optimizer that seeks to provide long-term investors with long-term returns within a single pane of glass ecosystem.

AvtoMATIC utilizes unique features like the Foundry’s Auto Compounding Vaults, Loyalty Multipliers, and LP Zap.

🤯 New IJO Format!

The AVTO team is seeking to raise $500,000 to fund their liquidity and foundry. After the 5% Jetswap fee is taken, $237,500 of the proceeds from the sale will be used to 👉 market buy $PWINGS 👈 and will be sent to the…

***EDIT — The IJO for $NAUT was refunded for all participates as it did not fill enough LPs for the Astronaut team to fund their Polygon expansion. The IJO will be rescheduled and revamped to ensure success. ***

We are thrilled to welcome Astronaut Finance’s expansion to Polygon via the Polygon Jetswap IJO Launchpad! IJO means Initial Jetswap Offering. The IJO will raise using PWINGS-MATIC LPs and the PWINGS will be burned!

Get ready for the sale ONLY AT https://polygon.jetswap.finance/ijo

What is Astronaut Finance?

Astronaut enables projects to raise capital on a decentralized, permissionless, and interoperable environment based on the Binance Smart chain and…

Jetfuelers and Jetswapers, We are so excited to welcome DEAPcoin to BSC Jetswap! DEAP is a leader in the play to earn NFT market and we are thrilled to be their exchange partner!

What is DEAPcoin?

DEAPcoin ($DEP) is a blockchain-based NFT DeFi platform featuring NFTs, games, and various other forms of entertainment. DEAPcoin launched their “Playmining” platform that rewards users with DEP cryptocurrency by playing games and reading manga. Playmining has exciting Play to Earn games like Lucky Farmer, JobTribes, & Playmining Puzzle! Playmining also has a NFT Marketplace. With over 1,000,000 users, DEPcoin is growing rapidly. …

On Monday, August 23rd at 2 PM UTC, The Jetfuel Telegram had the pleasure of hosting an AMA with Timeleap.Finance, the first project to join the $1 Million Jetswap Incentive Program. Flight Commander Miro had an open Q&A with the Timeleap founders, Cookiedeck_v2 & JK Moriarty.

Flight Commander Miro: Okay Jetfuelers and Jetswapers! Welcome to the highly anticipated AMA with Timeleap!

🚨The room is muted for the next 60 minutes. Please don’t panic!

Flight Commander Miro: @cookiedeck_v2 @jkmoriarty You guys ready? 😁

JK Moriarty: Yup!

Cookiedeck_v2: We’re good to go!

Flight Commander Miro: The AMA will run for 40–80 minutes…

Jetfuelers and Jetswapers, we are thrilled to welcome Origami Moon to the $1 Million Jetswap Incentive Program and IJO Launchpad!

What is Origami Moon?

Origami Moon has built out a seamless solution to traditional Decentralized Finance problems, and added extremely important features to help simplify the process of yield farming and launches with 8 key features.

  • Friction-less Yield Generation: 5% of every buy/sell or transfer is automatically distributed to all OGMN tokens holders immediately by smart contract.
  • Automatic Liquidity Generation: 5% of every buy/sell or transfer is automatically re-distributed to OGMN liquidity, permanently, only at Jetswap! .
  • Progressively Deflationary: A large portion of the…

We are thrilled to welcome TimeLeap Finance to the Polygon Jetswap Incentive Program! This partnership is a WIN WIN for both the Jetfuel/Jetswap and Timeleap communities.

What is Teamleap Finance?

Timeleap Finance is THE new age, high APR farm created by yield farmers, for yield farmers.

They’re here to create an ecosystem of high yield assets on Polygon chain, built to last with sustainable tokenomics, like the innovative infinite yield farm sustained by the Continuous Buyback-and-Make yield optimization system.

Jetfuelers, we are thrilled to welcome Treasure Key to the Jetfuel Ecosystem on Polygon!

TreasureKey aims to be the #1 World Class Decentralized Casino powered by Smart Contracts on the Blockchain.

The Treasure Key Partnership officially launched on August 16th, 2021 at Polygon.Jetswap.Finance.

What is Treasure Key?

TreasureKey is the #1 Gambling Dapp on Binance Smart Chain and is currently also on Polygon Network. …

Today is the day FIP-1 and FIP-2 have been proposed to the public for voting. FIP-1 & 2 will move the ownership of the Unitroller and all Ftokens to Timelock ownership controlled by the GovernorAlpha.

The Fortress Protocol is the Decentralized Lending & Money Market project within the Jetfuel Ecosystem. Since Fortress launched in April, the protocol has seen hundreds of millions in volume and TVL, and has remained one of the top lending and borrowing protocols on BSC. As the protocol has been operating perfectly since launch, the time has arisen to bring massively positive updates to Fortress. We are thrilled to announce Fortress will be updated with some of the following items by Friday August 6th 5 PM UTC.

  • Transfer the Oracle Provider from Band to Chainlink (DONE).
  • Updates from Dynamic Rates to…

JetFuel’s Lending Platform Fortress Upgrades to Chainlink for Faster, More Secure Price Oracles

Fortress.Loans — an Algorithmic Money Market available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — is proud to announce the mainnet integration of Chainlink Price Feeds as its go-to oracle solution for faster, more secure oracle services. Fortress’ decentralized lending and borrowing service will use Chainlink’s high-quality, tamper-proof price reference data to support the platform’s provisioning of liquidity and calculation of collateral rates. Chainlinking Fortress directly benefits users by ensuring they get accurate and up-to-date valuations on assets used in the platform.

Fortress is part of the Jetfuel Finance…

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