Transcript: Treasure Blox AMA with Jetfuel January 26th at 5 PM UTC

5 min readJan 27, 2022

@jetfuelmiro: @Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong it is an absolute pleasure having you today! We’re so excited to partner with the you guys on Treasure Box!

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Thanks and same here it’s been a while now since we agreed everything but i hope we can provide everyone something really exciting and cool

@jetfuelmiro: I’m sure you will!. So to start off can you introduce your self and the team?

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Absolutely, So i’m a full stack dev who is seemingly obsessed with treasure hunts!

The rest of the team help in various ways everything from partnerships to security and designing our hunts. We have created the worlds first crypto treasure hunt and aim to bridge this to the real world and the Metaverse. So what better way to start than with building a Treasure Hunt for Jetswaps users

@jetfuelmiro: Absolutely! We’re thrilled to be one of your first partners!

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: The first for BSC to launch a treasure hunt 🙂

@jetfuelmiro: Very exciting! So what is Treasure Box? Can you tell us about the gameplay?

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Absolutely. So… each of our games are custom built and aim to take users on an adventure across the internet and in the future into the real world. We have a story line but the Plot has a hero Captain Troy ‘Mighty’ Armstrong and i am on a mission to bring crypto to the real world. However like with all hero’s you need a bad guy in this case Crypto Dave!

We open our hunts which allow explorers to join a team Crypto Dave or my team captain Troy. When the game opens the teams must compete to solve levels, riddles and a series of skill based and luck based games to unlock the treasure vault, the winning team receives the entire treasure vault whilst the losers get nothing! Games are made with a story linke so our game for you guys is based on your community theme. want me to share an image?

So this is the game we’ll launch and have built for your community on the 1st

@jetfuelmiro: That’s amazing. Next question!

2. Why have you chosen to launch on BSC, and what was it about JetSwap that made you decide to partner with us?

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Ok so we want to bring reach as wide an audience as possible, the lower gas on BSC means we can achieve this. We also can have a continuous game which runs across the whole network. The reason we wanted to partner with you guys is because we want to align our project with like minded communities, you have an amazing theme and concept and there is so many cool ways we can expand our hunts to bring them to your community.

@jetfuelmiro: Absolutely! Im sure the Jetfuel Community can’t wait to partake in the games!
3. What are your future plans for Treasure Box? What is your vision, and how is Treasure Box going to develop over the next few years?

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Ok … so future plans is to create real world crypto treasure hunts this pokemon go but with real treasure.

We are looking to partner with as many engaged communities as possible with a strong following and great concept. These may even be in the real world but aim to bring the adventure to explorers by what ever medium they choose. Be that real life or the Metaverse.

@jetfuelmiro: Excellent! So our plan is to go live on the 1st of Feb with a $5000 pot sponsored by Jetswap!

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Thats right how cool is that. and the prize pot grows the more explorers interact. We can’t thank you guys enough btw its fantastic to delivering such an amazing experience to your community and hope your players have the best time

@jetfuelmiro: I’m sure they will. I know i’ll be playing a few rounds 😁

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Ha brilliant the clues riddles arn’t easy

@jetfuelmiro: This concludes the Q&A session!

Next we can move on to the Twitter Questions!

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong please pick your top 5 questions on this tweet.

Twitter Community Questions

Q1. Last year we have seen many projects made a good startup but suddenly abandoned because they didn’t get enough revenue. How can we be sure that you won’t abandon the project even the revenue is low at start?

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Interestingly we’ve designed the hunts so they can run using partner project tokens as well as potentually our own gameplay token. This means that every hunt acts as its own ecconomy and rewards users truly for thier time and effort like many Play to earn games. We are making our NFT collectables for future hunts which will give exploeres in game abilities and this will help them unlock puzzels riddles, level up and earn ranks.

Q2. About the launch of TreasureBlox: can you tell us on which platform it will take place and what procedures users must follow to participate in it?

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: So we have a custom Dapp and entries will onpen on the 1st… when we reach a set number of players the game will start. We will open our voice channels in doscord and explain the rules to all players and win senarios.

Q3. Can you explain about the recent major achievements made by TreasureBlox? What is your ultimate goal in the growing Crypto market?

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: So we’ve spent 9 months in development bringing the product to users. This means it’s been built with real user feedback. The goal is to bring a hunt to all major projects on BSC and beyond

Q4. I was exploring your website and i couldn’t find your roadmap. Do you have one? Could you share it? I am curious to know your plans and strategies for this 2021.

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: So this one if users would like to follow us or find out more they can do so here

Q5. For the success of a project, investors, community and developers play a major role. What is TreasureBlox strategy to get them involved?

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: so we want to make our games an experience we know our games are highly engaging and if we can grow a community of hunter which can wake up in the morning and solve clues together it helps build trust in this space

@jetfuelmiro: Great answers! Thanks so much @Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong

@Captain_Troy_Mighty_Armstrong: Thank you and thank you to everyone who replied to the tweet and has listened about the partnership 😄