The Jetfuel expansion to Polygon is raging full steam ahead. After the overwhelmingly successful launch of Jetswap on BSC and Polygon, the ecosystem expands again with POLY FORCE. POLY FORCE is the Polygon sister to our BSC GFORCE v2 token.

Poly Force is an innovative token in the Jetfuel Finance Ecosystem that is revolutionizing the passive yield and staking token landscape on Polygon. Using the massive Jetfuel liquidity opportunities, PFORCE will provide holders automatic liquidity generation with frictionless passive yield.

The Polygon Network is used for Jetfuel’s ecosystem due to the incredibly fast and cheap transaction times. As one of…

pWINGS and Jetswap Polygon was launched on July 8th and we are proud to disclose our achievements. Jetswap quickly gained an insane TVL of over $600 million with over $131 million in total trading volume due to our insanely low trading fee of 0.1%! We launched 16 farms with 6 dedicated pWINGS LP farms and a pWINGS single staking option. pWINGS liquidity grew rapidly with high APRs and incredible pWINGS rewards.

We realized the best way to support the pWINGS token is to increase the liquidity and incentives for pWINGS. With 6 pWINGS LPs the pWINGS rewards were spread thin…

Jetfuel Finance’s Jetswap is proud to announce our $1 million Jetswap Incentive program! As a leading defi ecosystem, Jetfuel has aimed to bring trusted and safe defi applications to the masses. Our $1m Jetswap incentive program is designed to attract premium projects to use the liquidity, technical, and marketing support of the Jetfuel Ecosystem on BSC and Polygon.

How to join the Jetswap Incentive Program

  1. Apply Here

Are you a team ready to launch your exciting new project? Or are you an established project looking to get to the next level? The Jetswap Incentive program is right for you! …

The time has come for the Jetfuel Ecosystem to go cross-chain! On block 16645000 Jetswap pWINGS farming on Polygon goes live! It is ~4 PM GMT Thursday, July 8th. 4 PM is an estimate because block times may vary.

Access Polygon Jetswap here: Feel Free to start adding liquidity and swapping until WINGS farming goes live!

Alternatively, you can access Polygon Jetswap by clicking on the Network Bubble on the top right-hand corner of Jetswap.Finance next to your address bubble.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. That’s what you’re going to be shouting when you win the massive jackpots from the WINGS Token Lottery!

What is the WINGS Lottery?

The WINGS Lottery is a daily lottery secured by Chainlink’s VRF where players can win massive lottery's paid in WINGS! 20% of each lottery pot is burned as well! Tickets are only 0.5 WINGS each which makes it accessible to almost every single WINGS holder.

How to win:

To win the lottery jackpot (50% of the entire lottery pool), users need to match all 4 numbers on their ticket in the exact same order as the 4 winning numbers.

Buy Lottery…

BitMart to List $FUEL

We’re excited to announce to the Jetfuel community that $FUEL is getting listed on BitMart!

Please note: FUEL has a 2% transaction fee charged on transfer. Bitmart charges an additional 2% on deposit for a 4% total fee. 1 FUEL deposit will net 0.96 FUEL to your Bitmart account.

According to CoinRanking, BitMart is the 14th biggest crypto exchange in the world, responsible for over $1.3 billion dollars worth of daily trading volume. That’s a lot of crypto.

The listing of FUEL will go live on June 11, 2021, using the trading pair FUEL/USDT. Various functions will be available at the following dates and times:

  • Deposit feature: 6/10/2021 04:00 AM (EDT)
  • Trade feature: 6/11/2021 04:00 AM (EDT)
  • Withdrawal feature: 6/12/2021 04:00 AM (EDT)

Need a Bitmart account? Apply here:

Download BitMart App to…

Jetfuel Finance | Biweekly Update: May 17 — Jun 4

WHEW! This update makes me tired just looking at it! We have been busy busy busy over here at the Jetfuel Headquarters these past few weeks. With the launch of, the Jetfuel ecosystem is complete! We’ve created some incredible new partnerships, added new community platforms, and burned WINGS like it’s our job. Check out this extensive summary of what we’ve been up to:

May 17

  • Launched an NFT airdrop giveaway in partnership with
  • Hit the #15 spot on

May 18

  • 34,000 Twitter followers

May 19

The time has come to upgrade GFCE to our v2 upgrade. We’re so excited for the upgrade and have made a few small, but powerful changes.

The GFCE v1 to GFCE v2 migration is live. The swap happens at The GFCE v1 will be automatically burned and you’ll be sent GFCE v2. Trading and liquidity is active at

GFCE v2 Contract:

How to Migrate from GFCE v1 to GFCE v2.

  1. Remove any GFCE in a LP at Pancakeswap or Apeswap and ensure the GFCE is in your wallet
  2. Go to and connect your wallet
  3. Click Max…

Since the beginning, the team at Jetfuel has been working non stop to build a one stop shop for the DEFI User. We’ve successfully rolled out Yield Farms, Staking, a Launchpad, Automatic Compounding Vaults, A Reflect and Automatic Liquidity Token GFCE, a Lending and Borrowing Money Market, and now we’re so proud to present JETSWAP!

It’s been quite an eventful couple of weeks at the Jetfuel Headquarters. In addition to a successful AMA with BSC Gemz, a lot of progress has been made and some big milestones have met! Here are a few highlights from each of our projects:

Jetfuel & Fortress

May 4

  • Added $BTC and $ETH single asset vaults using Fortress with APY’s reaching well over 100% at times

May 6

  • The following PancakeSwap v2 vaults were deployed
    $BALBT — $BNB










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