Welcome to the Harvest Moon Holidays at Jetswap!

3 min readOct 5, 2021



✈ Jetfuelers & Jetswappers! Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean the fun is going to stop. In fact, the party’s just getting started with our #HarvestMoonHolidays! 🍂

Starting the 4th of October 2021, we’ve got a jam-packed schedule for the next 2 months with something exciting happening every single day! (except weekends… we need a break too! 😂)

You can expect:

  • Harvest Moon Meme Mondays
    Time to put your creative caps on because the top 3 weekly winners will walk away with a $50, $25 and $25 respectively. The perfect way to start beat back those Monday blues!
  • AfterBURNer Tuesdays🔥
    Someone call a fireman because it’s time to BURN some WINGS, PWINGS and FWINGS. Miro is eyeing approximately 10,000 of each token, which means just over $29,000 going up in flames every week!
  • Fireside Chats Wednesdays ☕
    Got a question you want to ask us or a suggestion to make? Come join the Jetfuel leadership team in the weekly AMA sessions and let us know!
  • Earnsday Thursdays🎁
    $100 from the Harvest Moon Memes not enough? Well we’ve got you covered with Earnsday events dedicated to giving away prizes both from us and those sponsored by our amazing partners!
    With NFT’s, cash giveaways, project tokens and more up for grabs, can you afford NOT to attend? 👀
  • Holiday Happy Hour Fridays 🍺
    A chill end to the week, pop in our Telegram channel with a drink in hand (pumpkin spice latte highly recommended) for a 30 minute voice chat about anything and everything. There are even rumors that Miro might be doing his karaoke rendition of The Lion King’s Circle of Life.

Harvest Moon Holiday Roadmap

That’s not all folks! In addition to our daily scheduled events, we’ve got more than a few exciting features on our roadmap that are on track to be rolled out during the #HarvestMoonHolidays. 🖥 Again, expect more detailed information to follow in future articles, but some items to look out for include:

  • Fortress.loans integration into Jetswap
    Ever get annoyed having to click through and juggle between Fortress and Jetswap? Well that’s all going to be a thing of the past with our new integration allowing seamless trading and money markets all within Jetswap!🏦
  • Personal Stats Page 📝
    See at a glance a summary of your portfolio’s performance. No more excel sheets tracking how much you have staked and how much you’re earning, now we do all of the math for you!
  • Jetfuel NFTs — 10,000 unique Flight Inspired NFTs 🎨
    With over 150 different attributes determining rarity, our pilots are almost ready for touchdown. The question is… are you?
  • Boosted Vaults. Put your earnings into overdrive 🏎
    Why limit your earnings when you can earn double the rewards? Put those funds to work in our boosted vaults coming soon!
  • Weekly Trading Competitions
    Be rewarded for trading on Jetswap. Any trade that involves our native tokens will be counted!
  • 10 New Partners. 👪
  • Fortress Polygon Official Launch 💱
    Fortress is finally coming to Polygon. Start lending and borrowing assets while all the while earning FTS.
  • Super Token FUELv2 community planning 🏙
    We’ve been teasing this for a while now but FUELv2 is officially in the works! We’ll be revamping the Jetswap, Jetfuel and Fortress ecosystems by combining FTS, FUEL, Wings, Pwings and Fwings all into a single new token — FUELv2!

Check our new public roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/6uy78bVt/jetfuel-ecosystem-road-map

Harvest Moon Festival 🎠 🎡 🎪 🎑🔥

After 2 months of nonstop activities and new feature launches, we’ll be sending off the #HarvestMoonHolidays with a bang with our Harvest Moon Festival (HMF).

A 2-day event that aims to bring the best and brightest minds in the DeFi space together, we’ll be gathering the top projects across not 1, not 2 but 3 different blockchains! So if you’re interested in rubbing shoulders with the heavyweights in the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Fantom spaces, be on the lookout for our project application!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, what if I told you that not only will HMF be held in an immersive 3D world which will see you in control of your own avatar, but there’ll also be mini-games, NFT giveaways, project panels, and prizes galore?

We’ll be dropping more information on the Harvest Moon Festival soon so stay tuned!

Written by Carter M