Transcript: CryptoGirlfriend AMA with Jetfuel Finance January 22nd at 4 PM UTC

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): 🚨Do not panic
The room is now muted for the AMA with @CryptoGrlfriend ! Be sure to check the pinned message for details on the AMA.
Lets get this started!
Question 1: Can you please introduce your self and your NFT project

@CryptoGrlfriend: My name is Juliet Star, but everyone knows me as CryptoGirlfriend. I’ve been a huge supporter of Jetfuel from the beginning and have been promoting the Binance Smart Chain for over a year now. I am a crypto influencer on Twitter and YouTube that promotes a variety of projects on BSC and some other chains. I’ve been into crypto since 2017. In my professional career I work in sales & marketing. I am in the top 1% in sales in my industry across the country (USA). My sales & marketing experience in my professional career has allowed me to bring a unique skill set to the crypto space. I also have a technical background, having gone to school for Computer Networking and Information Technology. It’s the perfect balance of both technical and creative marketing skills that allows me to thrive in the crypto space. I’m also a Trance DJ and love comic books and art.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): Wow! A jackess of all trades!

@CryptoGrlfriend: The CryptoGirlfriend NFT project is a collection of 6,969 uniquely designed beautiful CryptoGirlfriends residing on the Binance Smart Chain. It is the very first piece of the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project which will later include a CryptoGirlfriend Comic Book. The Comic Book will be given to NFT Holders in digital and print format.
Everyone that has minted a GF seems to really enjoy them. It took some time to get the artwork just right.
It’s been very suspenseful waiting to see what traits have yet to be minted.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): I bet! It’s not easy to find the right artist to realize your vision! We’ve gone through at least 7 now to make the art perfect for our NFTs hehe
Question 2: How do I buy a CryptoGirlfriend NFT and how much are they? Can I mint them?

@CryptoGrlfriend: We just started minting yesterday on our website at — 1st we let the people that were on the Whitelist buy and now we’ve opened it up to the public at the presale price of 0.3 BNB. On Monday it will go to the regular price of 0.4 BNB.
You can also buy some on some of the NFT marketplaces. So far we are verified on and you can buy one from there or take your chances with a random GF on our website.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): Great! I’m sure they’ll all be gone soon. Go run and mint your own GF!

@CryptoGrlfriend: Everyone could use their very on CGF NFT!

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): i minted one yesterday and she’s the best. don’t tell my wife 😅

@CryptoGrlfriend: She won’t talk back to you, or make you do chores around the house. She will love you unconditionally.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): Question 3: What are the long-term plans for your project?

@CryptoGrlfriend: So what this project has evolved into over time has been a journey. Binance Smart Chain is the largest and strongest network out there with the most number of users and daily transactions. However, the BSC NFT space has not yet taken off. So I’ve been really analyzing what the BSC NFT space is lacking and plan to build tools to help for the overall betterment of the chain.
Since BSC has one of the highest real TPS, I feel like more GameFi projects will be adopting BSC for their games. So we are jumping on that bandwagon and building our own games as well as a NFT Marketplace with many bells and whistles.
The marketplace is going to continue to develop and grow overtime and will also include a launchpad and rarity service for other NFT projects.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): Yes we belive metaverse and game fi is the future!

@CryptoGrlfriend: For sure! and Binance has invested billions of dollars into Metaverse projects.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): Do you have any sneak peaks?

@CryptoGrlfriend: We put together this video of the marketplace we are developing. Although it is ever changing and evolving and I even was in the BSC Gemz TG last weekend asking for suggestions of what people want in a marketplace.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): Wow that’s great! Collection capital. So what is the cookie game?

@CryptoGrlfriend: Yes, the marketplace will be called Collection Capitol! I’ll be starting a separate discord and TG for that here soon. For those that know me, they know that I love to bake cookies and I’m literally baking cookies every week at least.
So I decided to make a play 2 earn cookie game where you can play by staking your CryptoGirlfriend NFT. In the game you move around the various rooms to collect different ingredients. The more ingredients the better to bake the perfect cookie.
Once you have collected enough ingredients, you can put them together to bake your cookie in the oven. But watch out, you could burn the cookies and have to start over!
There are also bad guys that you have to fight along the way and I’m not very good and usually die when I get to the bad guys!
We made a quick demo of the game and that is also ever evolving!
We are building a couple mini games inside of the main cookie game as well.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): wow ! I love how the bananas explode haha, and you can use your Crypto GF NFT in the game?

@CryptoGrlfriend: Yeah after I interviewed the Apeswap guys on my YouTube channel about their NFBs, I told my game dev we have to use bananas in the game as one of the ingredients.
Yes, you use your CGF NFT in the game. You select her at the beginning!

Something like that. :) It’s really crazy how many things this whole project has evolved into!

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): I can tell you and the team have put a lot of effort into the Cookie Game and the overall Crypto Gf project!
Question 4: Are there any other benefits to holding a Crypto Gf NFT?

@CryptoGrlfriend: So there are actually multiple benefits to being a CryptoGirlfriend NFT holder. The original idea and vision was to award the NFT Holders with a digital and printed version of the CryptoGirlfriend Comic Book. The comic book story is just about done and then we need to have it illustrated.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): Nice! Do you have a timeline for when you expect everything to be released?

@CryptoGrlfriend: But as I mentioned, you will also need the CGF NFT to play the game and inside the game you will earn in game collectible items.
Probably the most profitable reason to hold one of the NFTs though is to earn BNB fee rewards from the NFT Marketplace!
AND we have a special Valentines Day Giveaway and your NFT is your ticket to enter!

and since BNB is on sale right now, that means your ticket to enter costs even less!
The Comic book is likely going to take the longest. The Marketplace is set to be released in February and I imagine the game shortly thereafter.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): That’s great! Before we move to the community Q&A is there any else you’d like to add?

@CryptoGrlfriend: I’ve always loved supporting other projects and helping to promote them. It’s actually much easier and more natural for me to promote others than to promote myself. So I’m very excited for the Launchpad and Marketplace because I will get to continue to partner with artists and other NFT projects and help promote them through my various socials and channels.
I actually had another OG BSC project reach out to me last night that wants to partner and that’s BillionHappiness! So that’s a very exciting thing. 😁
I think BHC was one of the first tokens I earned with my Jets on the Jetfuel platform and I still have my BHC tokens today. I think they are earning Bananas right now on Apeswap.

@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): This concludes the Q&A portion of the AMA. 👏
Next we will move to the open question section.
The 3 best questions will win their very own Crypto Girlfriend NFT!
To prevent bots please use the 👧 emoji.

Telegram Community Live Questions

CQ1. do you have any plan to make new series who support nft girlfriendseries like boyfriend nft series or pet series for them or stuff like that ? also what will be the futures of your marketplace that u felt like they are missing and u have to make ur own marketplace ? 👧

@CryptoGrlfriend: So people have already been asking for CryptoBoyfriends, so that is likely to be the next series we release after this first one. When speaking to some people in BSC Gemz, some of the things they requested was Robust sorting features, info on recently sold, send a message to the collection owner. I am considering everything and wanting feedback from people to make it the best marketplace out there!

CQ2. Are there different rarities within the Crypto Girfriends collection? If so, what kind of rarities are they and what advantages do the higher rarities provide over the rest?👧

@CryptoGrlfriend: So we have created 175 total traits. From those traits we randomly generated all of the CryptoGirlfriends. Some of the most rare traits are the Bitcoin Tattoos and the Bitcoin Glasses, which I have yet to see any minted yet. If you go to you can see the rarity score of your CGF NFT based on what has already been minted. This changes as more GFs are minted.

CQ3. Will we see Crypto Girlfriend merge things like #NFT, #GameFI, #MetaFi and #DeFi as it works with a variety of partners to help innovate the ecosystem at BSC and possibly other chains?👧

@CryptoGrlfriend: I am very interested in the Metaverse. Ever since Binance said they were investing so much money into Metaverse projects. You have big companies like Facebook and Microsoft spending millions of dollars to build their own Metaverse. I’m not exactly sure to what extent we will enter the Metaverse, but my Game Dev is putting together some models of potential 3D worlds we can develop in our games which can including building your own little space in the 3d Game.

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@jetfuelmiro (Jetfuel): Great AMA @CryptoGrlfriend thanks so much for joining us. Everyone, please thank Crypto GF for stopping by today!
Be sure to mint your very own GF



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