Transcript: Cosmosium AMA with Jetfuel February 9th at 5 PM UTC

6 min readFeb 9, 2022


@jetfuelmiro: Hey @Cosmokong how are you today?

@Cosmokong: Hello, Everyone. I am fine, What about you?

@jetfuelmiro: Im doing great on this beautiful day. Very excited to help the community learn more about $BUZZ & your Cosmosium project! Okay lets get the AMA started!
1. Cosmosium Finance is brand new on BSC, can you please introduce your team and what the $BUZZ token does?

@Cosmokong: First of all I am very excited to be here as myself and my team. I am CosmoKong, Chief of Strategy & Co-founder of the project Cosmosium. I am at crypto world for more than 6 years actually. We started this market with developing CEXes at late 2016s. Then after the evm growth we started to run a local blockchain country on our own country with Jett. We were worked on several DeFi and NFT projects for more than 2 years.

We are also have an advisors that worked on Goldman Sach and global banks for advicing our token model and improving the whole system.

Cosmosium Finance is filling the gaps in DeFi world by approaching earning systems on a different way. The main idea behind the Cosmosium Finance is not just a simple DeFi & stake to earn project. The Cosmosium aims to develop a great Decentralized Alliance for all type of projects that can be capable for interactions with financial instruments that we offer. All of our products are mainly focus on achieving a great partnerships for any type of projects. For example of these products our simple Index system which named Galaxies on our ecosystem.

@jetfuelmiro: We are so excited to see these roll out! 🔥 We have high hopes for the Cosmosium ecosystem.

2. What make’s $BUZZ different from other similar competitor project?

@Cosmokong: We know the hard things like handling the inflation is the most important and hard-to-solve problem on DeFis. That is why we implemented deflectionary model on our utilization token $BUZZ. We are aiming to develop a stable and mature token with $BUZZ. Our main features are #CosmicFarms and indexes (#Galaxies)

Galaxies are the system with a similar Index system on current finance world such as S&P 500 and DOW JONES. The system allows users to buy a multiple tokens with one transaction with same ratios of tokens and making easier to develop their own investing strategies on BSC. You may saw many index systems on DeFi world which most of them are so complicated, we approached on a different way and as we did on all of our products we aim to create a very easy-to-use and simple system here. Also it can be a similar for LP tokens but not at all. There is not a impermanent loss on Galaxies, the token amounts you provided to mint and Index token will always stays same. Cosmic Farms is an auto-compounded earning mechanism by Cosmosium Finance. With Cosmic Farms we offer our users to stake their $BUZZ tokens to earn $BUZZ from liquidity mining. User can stake various tokens such as $BUZZ LP tokens and our partners tokens to earn $BUZZ. Also Cosmic Farms has a different structure than other yield farm mechanisms. We will distribute our partners tokens with same auto-compounded farm at Cosmic Farms. You can earn different tokens with Cosmic Farms as well. So it means that users dont need to unstake and stake another pools to earn different tokens. Cosmic Farms have an unique Delegator system which is Cosmic Delegators that distributes the third-party tokens to same pool. So users will earn multiple tokens on a cosmic farm with also auto-compounded $BUZZ farm.

@jetfuelmiro: Wow this is really great. I’m sure i’ll move some assets over there to boost my yields 🔥🚀 Side question — Will the Cosmic farms & Galaxies be live right away?

@Cosmokong: Yeap, Cosmic farms and Galaxies are ready. They will be live right away. But, We will have two indexes in first week.

@jetfuelmiro: It’s always good to see the primary products ready to go at launch time 😁

3. How do you think Cosmosium Finance and JetSwap can grow together as partners?

@Cosmokong: We see Jetfuel as a reliable partner. We will have a long journey with you. We would like to create partnership indexes, farms, pools together. Jetfuel has an amazing team. You helped a lot us during IJO and Launch process. We would like to grow together.

@jetfuelmiro: Great to hear! We love to support our partners
4. Security is a major concern for investors. Rug pulls and exploits happen every day, what actions has the Cosmosium Finance team taken to ensure your investors safety?

@Cosmokong: Yes! Cosmosium Finance has both audit and KYC. Also we will dox the team members after a month from launch. We will be a transparent team behind.

Everyone can check our audit and KYC from our documents at in our docs.

@jetfuelmiro: can you post a link to your audits?

@Cosmokong: Thanks, Miro😂

These are the Audit and KYC

@jetfuelmiro: Perfect thanks so much. I’m sure that brings a lot of trust to your project from the community.

@Cosmokong: We are trying to do good things. I know there are many scammers in DeFi world. But, We are trying to be trusthworthy and open as much as we can. Because, We believe our project.

@jetfuelmiro: Great to hear. 5. What does the Cosmosium Finance team hope to accomplish in the next 6 months?

@Cosmokong: Well, that is good one. We have lots of things to do. After launch we will introduce 2nd version of index tokens, our users will create their own tokens. We will make partnerships with influencers in crypto world and they will create their index tokens.Satellites (Call/Put option) will be active, you can buy discounted $BUZZ with vesting periot. Prediction battle will come to Cosmosium. You going to battle about what it gonna be $BUZZ price in 5 min. Launchpads will be active one month after launch.

These are our current technical financial instrument updates on our roadmap.

We also plan to partnering with GameFi projects in near future. Currently the most important future plan is to create a sustainable and stable finance platform with lots of partners 🙂

@jetfuelmiro: Amazing! Wishing you guys all the best 😍

6. The $BUZZ IJO launches this Saturday Feb 12th at 5 PM UTC. How does someone buy the token sale?

@Cosmokong: Well, IJO will start in 10AM UTC (Don’t miss it). People can buy in

$100,000 is our limit and People can buy with BUSD. Thats all, I think.

But I would like to say some final words. Our project is a product of a hardwork. We try to accomplish great things for everyone. And, We would like to see you with us. Thank you for listening!

@jetfuelmiro: Well said! One last question before we open it up to the community.

Drop your socials and links!



@jetfuelmiro: Excellent. Okay great first part of the AMA! We’ll open it up to the community.

Telegram Community Live Questions

Q1. Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is Cosmosium strategy to attract new users and Investor to invest in Cosmosium and keep them long term?

@Cosmokong: Well, I would like to pick your question because I wanna talk about our marketing. Marketing is the key and hardest element in the DeFi world. We are trying to build an DeFi alliance. We have several partnership and We are still negotiating with more. But, You will see huge marketing project aftet launch.

Q2. A lot of scam projects lately. Pulling the rug creates a loss for investors. why should we trust Cosmosium? Aren’t you going to do the same?

@Cosmokong: I know, like we see the problem in DeFi. But, we believe our products and open commumication. So, It wont be a problem.

Q3. Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about Cosmosium current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

@Cosmokong: We believe our partners. We will do great things together.

Q4. Can you tell us about Cosmosium plans for long-term? what you are currently working on? and what strategy will be used to expand globally?

@Cosmokong: We want to be mainstream project. So, we have too many plans for long-term. I already mention some of them. But, you can read in our website too.

Q5. Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users?

@Cosmokong: Yes, there are. And, If you wanna be a community leader in any language, we are open.

That’s all. I think. Thank you for participating.

@jetfuelmiro: Yup! Great AMA!