Jetfuel Launchpad IJO with DEFI100!

4 min readFeb 22, 2021


Jetfuel.Finance is proud to announce our first IJO (Initial Jetfuel Offering) Launchpad Partner is Defi100!

What is the Jetfuel Launchpad?

The Jetfuel Launchpad is an innovative tokensale and liquidity incentive platform. We partner with the best projects to assist them in their fundraising, marketing, development, and liquidity.

What is DEFI100?

DEFI100 is a Synthetic Index Token that works on the principle of elastic supply and uses rebase function to maintain the equilibrium between its Spot Price and Target price. Our Token is pegged to the total market cap of the Decentralized Finance sector at the ratio of 1:100 billion.

Since tokens are smart contracts and smart contracts in themselves are unable to fetch real-world data on their own, it requires “Oracle” that can help it bridge the gap between the blockchain and the real world. DEFI100 uses the decentralized oracles of our partners to provide the real-world data, i.e. Total Market Cap of the DeFi sector to power DEFI100 rebases.

Now the question arises, what is Rebase? What is elastic supply and how it works?

Elastic supply principle and rebase are not exactly a new concept in the otherwise young blockchain industry. The credit of popularizing it goes to Ampleforth (AMPL) and later Base Protocol. In Elastic supply, tokens do not have a fixed supply and their supply expands or contracts as per market demands.

In the case of AMPL, its value is pegged to 1 USD and Base Protocol has its value pegged to the total crypto market cap. DEFI100 derives its value from the DEFI sector market cap at the ratio of 1:100 billion. So that means,

  • If the DEFI Market Cap is $80 Billion, the D100 token will be $0.80
  • If the DEFI Market Cap is $90 Billion, the D100 token will be $0.90

How it will affect your holding?

The incredible thing about this mechanism is that it will not affect your holding at all. What does it mean?

Let us explain it with an example.

  • DEFI Market Cap is $100 billion, making our Target price $1 (DEFI100 is pegged at the ratio of 1:100 billion.)
  • DEFI100 token is trading at $1.5 (Spot Price)
  • Mr. Hodler has 1000 DEFI100 Tokens, presently valued at $1500

In the above example, there will be a positive rebase, since Spot Price ($1.50) is more than Target Price ($1.00). Thus, supply will increase. How it will affect Mr. Hodler’s Holding? let’s see

  • After rebase occurs, Mr. Hodler will have 1500 DEFI100 Tokens in his wallet and the price will come down to $1 per token, however keeping the holding value of Mr. Hodler at $1500.

The increase and decrease in holding will be done automatically.

What will happen in case of a negative rebase?

Negative Rebases is painful. However to reduce the number of negative rebase, we are implementing a couple of twists in our rebase mechanism.

  • No Rebase will occur if the difference between Spot & Target Price is less than 5%.
  • Negative rebase has been capped at 10% whereas no capping for positive rebases.

These changes have been incorporated to ensure minimum negative rebases and more time for market forces to bring the price in equilibrium.

How to Join the IJO at the Jetfuel.Finance launchpad?

The DEFI100 IJO will launch at the Jetfuel Launchpad at 2 pm UTC on February 24th.

· D100 for Sale: 500,000

· Max Bonus Tokens: 25,000

· Sale Price: TBD 1 hour prior to the sale

· Max Wallet Cap: $5,000

· Raised in: BUSD

· JETS bonus: 5%

· First Come First Serve Style

How does the JETS bonus work?

The D100 sale is open to the public. However, JETS holders who participate in the sale will automatically receive a 5% bonus based on their purchase UP TO THE VALUE of their JETS. The user must hold JETS in their wallet at the time of purchase. If the users JETS are staked in the USS Gerald R. Ford FUELS pool or another partner pool, they will not receive the bonus. You may restake your JETS back in the USS Gerald R. Ford or JETS staking pools after the purchase is sent.


User A wants to buy tokens and has $2,000 of BUSD to spend during the sale. He also has $1,000 of JETS in his wallet.

  • User A buys $2,000 worth of tokens at $1.00 per token (example price only)
  • $2,000 sent / $1 per token = 2,000 tokens bought
  • User A’s JETS Value = $1,000 * 5% bonus = 50 Bonus tokens
  • Total Tokens received = 2,000 tokens purchased + 50 bonus tokens = 2,050 tokens.

JETS Staking for D100

50,000 D100 is allocated for JETS staking! 12,500 D100 will be released per week from the JETS staking portal.

Liquidity Incentives with FUELs farming and Vaults

D100 will receive FUELS farming using the Bakerswap and Pancakeswap pairs with a high APY to ensure maximum liquidity for D100 pairs.

We will also build vaults around the farming pairs to allow users to build their LP automatically.

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