Jetfuel.Finance Contract Audit

3 min readDec 17, 2020


Jetfuel.Finance Contract Audit by Vidarr The Auditor

Okay, everyone! We are thrilled to report our MASTERFUEL, FUEL, and JETS contract report audit from Vidarr the Smart Contract Auditor is complete.

We had reached out to a few days prior to launching Jetfuel, and luckily he was able to audit us about a week after we launched.

Vidar’s report touches on our contract, potential issues (we fixed them all), and confirms all that we disclosed in our initial medium announcement and reports.

The best thing to see in the report from Vidar was “ The team has applied all the suggested recommendations and fixed the crucial issues. There is no significant issues with the currently deployed contracts.”

Contracts assessed in the audit:




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Recommendations by Vidarr on V1:

Our original JETS contract is a fork of Fry.World Ketchup contract and it includes a mint function that is callable by the owner, which theoretically would allow us to mint infinite JETS tokens. After consulting with Vidarr, we removed the mint function and redeployed the JETS contract.

Original JETS:

Redeployed JETS:


Overall, we are pleased to say our contracts are safe and have no issues. We will comment on Vidarr’s timelock recommendation. At this point, a timelock would simply slow our development down as we expand FUEL pumping to partner pools.

A PDF version of the audit will be published on in the next few days.

Our core team has years of crypto experience. We are fully invested in delivering our promises made to FUEL holders, which includes a wide range of vault & yield optimization products and our third token, GFORCE.

Stay tuned as we grow and develop the Jetfuel Ecosystem.

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