Jetfuel Finance | Biweekly Update: May 2–16

It’s been quite an eventful couple of weeks at the Jetfuel Headquarters. In addition to a successful AMA with BSC Gemz, a lot of progress has been made and some big milestones have met! Here are a few highlights from each of our projects:

Jetfuel & Fortress

May 4

  • Added $BTC and $ETH single asset vaults using Fortress with APY’s reaching well over 100% at times

May 6

  • The following PancakeSwap v2 vaults were deployed
    $BALBT — $BNB










  • $FTS grew 108% to an ATH of $10.46

May 7

May 8

  • Blew past $69m TVL on the way to $100m

May 9

  • BeefyFinance added $FUEL — $BNB & $FTS — BNB vaults.

May 10

  • Deployed the following PancakeSwap v2 farm and vault











May 11

May 13

  • Jetfuel is listed as one the most mentioned coins of the hour on Twitter according to

May 14

  • Vaults Reach All-Time High TVL of $60 million.

May 16

Fortress Upcoming News

  • We’re in the middle of building an oracle for FTS so we can add FTS as an asset to Fortress.Loans

Jetswap Upcoming News

  • Jetswap is nearly finished testing and is primed to launch. Stay tuned!


  • We are preparing to migrate GFCE to GFCE v2 with a bundle of great new features that we’re so excited to deploy.

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