Jetfuel Finance | Biweekly Update: May 17 — Jun 4

Jetfuel Finance | Biweekly Update: May 17 — Jun 4

WHEW! This update makes me tired just looking at it! We have been busy busy busy over here at the Jetfuel Headquarters these past few weeks. With the launch of, the Jetfuel ecosystem is complete! We’ve created some incredible new partnerships, added new community platforms, and burned WINGS like it’s our job. Check out this extensive summary of what we’ve been up to:

May 17

  • Launched an NFT airdrop giveaway in partnership with
  • Hit the #15 spot on

May 18

  • 34,000 Twitter followers

May 19

May 20

  • GFCE migrated to v2, introducing the following changes:
  • Higher passive yields and more automatic liquidity with GFCE v2
  • GFCE — BNB LP Lottery
  • An improved whitelist function to allow for single staking GFCE
  • Passive Yield raised to 3% and Auto Liquidity raised to 3%
  • JetSwap launched
  • WINGS staking goes live
  • $1000 WINGS giveaway launched in honor of the Jetswap launch
  • $42M TVL reached on Jetswap on the first day
  • PancakeSwap called us out on Twitter lololol
  • $40,000 in $WINGS burned

May 21

  • $90M TVL on JetSwap reached after only 20 hours
  • $1,267,797 of WINGS burned
  • Beefy x Jetswap partnership announced. Including the following vaults:


  • WINGS — BNB vault launched on Jetfuel

May 22

  • $110M TVL reached on Jetswap in under 36 hours
  • $1000 WINGS giveaway concluded. 10 winners of $100 in WINGS
  • $125,000 of WINGS burned
  • Billion Happiness deposited $400k in total liquidity at Jetswap
  • Official Jetfuel discord server launched:

May 23

May 24

  • Billion Happiness listed on Jetswap
  • $175,000 WINGS burned (Burns totalling nearly 3 million dollars in 4 days)

May 25

  • Jetswap and Fortress available on
  • Jetswap took 3 out of the top 5 farms on BSC on

May 26

  • WATCH — BNB farm goes live on Jetswap (2x multiplier)
  • Stake WINGS, earn WATCH pool launched on Jetswap

May 27

May 28

  • Hit 38,000 Twitter followers
  • #9 best social single of BSC DAPPS according to
  • Participated in a $500 giveaway with BSCTimes. Ended with 2,309 RT’s

May 30

  • #8 best social single of BSC DAPPS according to
  • $150,000 of WINGS burned

May 30

  • #3 best social single of BSC DAPPS according to

June 1

June 2

  • $150,000 of WINGS burned
  • Stake WINGS, earn HPS added to Jetswap
  • Stake WINGS, earn SAFERmoon announced

June 3

  • SAFERmoon launched $1000 BUSD and 26 billion SAFERmoon giveaway to celebrate the Jetswap staking partnership

June 4

  • AutoFarm partnership launched

5 new Jetswap vaults

AUTO — BNB farm pool on Jetswap (3x multiplier)

Jetswap integration into AutoSwap DEX aggregator

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