Jetfuel Finance Announces the Stellar Invictus IJO. A 4x MMO game built exclusively on Binance Smart Chain.

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What is the Jetfuel Launchpad?

The Jetfuel Launchpad is an innovative token sale and liquidity incentive platform. We partner with the best projects to assist them in their fundraising, marketing, development, and liquidity.

What is TRYON and Stellar Invictus?

Introducing Stellar Invictus. Stellar Invictus is a 4X Sci-Fi MMO heavily inspired by games like Stellaris and Galactic Civilizations 3 in which players can play in massive matches with up to 75 other players simultaneously!

Feature Summary

  • Fight in matches of 75 players that take about 2–4 weeks to complete. Not a single match will be the same!
  • Complex combat system with more than 60 different items to equip to your spaceships!
  • Manage your planets by building different buildings to increase your production and keep your population happy!
  • Dive into the story of Stellar Invictus by exploring one of the many in-game events that will occur!
  • Players can set a timeframe in which they are available and wars will only commence during these timeframes!
  • Be part of alliances! Grow stronger by exploring and fighting together with other players!
  • Be aware of AI! There are many dangers hidden out in the space!

How to Join the IJO at the Jetfuel.Finance launchpad?

The TRYON IJO will launch at the Jetfuel Launchpad at 5 pm UTC on March 31st.

  • User A buys $2,000 worth of tokens at $1.00 per token (example price only)
  • $2,000 sent / $1 per token = 2,000 tokens bought
  • User A’s JETS Value = $1,000 * 10% bonus = 100 Bonus tokens
  • Total Tokens received = 2,000 tokens purchased + 100 bonus tokens = 2,100 tokens.

JETS Staking for TRYON

320,000 TRYON is allocated for JETS staking! 80,000 TRYON will be released per week from the JETS staking portal.

Liquidity Incentives with FUELs farming and Vaults

TRYON will receive FUELS farming using the Pancakeswap pair with a high APY to ensure maximum liquidity for TRYON.

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