Jade Protocol joins Jetswap BSC with a HIGH APR $WINGS for $JADE staking pool!

We are proud to partner with Jade Protocol, a OHM fork that’s just better! Jade protocol is an Olympus DAO fork on BSC with a high-powered marketing team helping $JADE reach new highs every day! Jetswap and Jade protocol established a 2:1 $JADE & $WINGS token swap to benefit both ecosystems.

What is Jade Protocol?

Jade Protocol is part of the Fair Launch Foundation. The Fair Launch Foundation is a world-class collective of Web 3 luminaries who aim to value engineer and democratize famous DeFi protocols.

Jade Protocol is a decentralized reserve currency platform on Binance Smart Chain. Unlike DAI or USDC, which are pegged to the value of the U.S. dollar, JADE’s reserves are crypto assets held by the Jade Protocol Treasury.

You can access Jade Protocol at their website: https://jadeprotocol.io/#/

How to Earn Jade from Jetswap?

Earning $JADE is as easy as going to the Pools page at BSC Jetswap! Stake your $WINGS to earn $JADE here: https://jetswap.finance/pools

Buy your $WINGS to stake: https://exchange.jetswap.finance/#/swap

Jade Contract Address: 0x7ad7242A99F21aa543F9650A56D141C57e4F6081
Jade Protocol: https://jadeprotocol.io/#/
Jade Protocol Twitter: https://twitter.com/jadeprotocol
Jade Telegram: https://twitter.com/jadeprotocol

Be sure to stop by the Jade community and tell them Jetswap sent you!

❓Got any questions? Join the Jetfuel/Jetswap Telegram and ask away! https://t.me/jetfuelfinance




Jetfuel.Finance. https://twitter.com/Jetfuelfinance For business inquires: info@jetfuel.finance

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Jetfuel.Finance. https://twitter.com/Jetfuelfinance For business inquires: info@jetfuel.finance

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