Introducing the Jetswap $1m Incentive Program

Jetfuel Finance’s Jetswap is proud to announce our $1 million Jetswap Incentive program! As a leading defi ecosystem, Jetfuel has aimed to bring trusted and safe defi applications to the masses. Our $1m Jetswap incentive program is designed to attract premium projects to use the liquidity, technical, and marketing support of the Jetfuel Ecosystem on BSC and Polygon.

How to join the Jetswap Incentive Program

Are you a team ready to launch your exciting new project? Or are you an established project looking to get to the next level? The Jetswap Incentive program is right for you! Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

If you’re an established project, be sure to add your main source of liquidity at Jetswap BSC or Jetswap Polygon

2. Work with our Team

If your project is accepted, we’ll lay out our onboard process to help your project grow and thrive. Some of the pre-deployment benefits you’ll receive from us:

3. Deploy and get paid!

If you’ve made it here, congrats! Your project is now eligible for up to $25,000 in WINGS or pWINGS incentives. In addition to the WINGS/pWINGS incentives, your project will receive: