Introducing pWINGS! Jetswap AMM lands on Polygon with the LOWEST FEES ON POLYGON!

The time has come for the Jetfuel Ecosystem to go cross-chain! On block 16645000 Jetswap pWINGS farming on Polygon goes live! It is ~4 PM GMT Thursday, July 8th. 4 PM is an estimate because block times may vary.

Access Polygon Jetswap here: Feel Free to start adding liquidity and swapping until WINGS farming goes live!

Alternatively, you can access Polygon Jetswap by clicking on the Network Bubble on the top right-hand corner of Jetswap.Finance next to your address bubble.

What’s Jetswap on Polygon?

Jetswap is an DEX AMM (Decentralized Automated Market Maker) launching on Polygon Network and it’s powered by the pWINGS token. Jetswap first launched on Binance Smart Chain on May 20th, 2021.

Launch Features will include:

  • Swapping and Liquidity
  • pWINGS Yield Farming
  • pWINGS Staking
  • Info/Analytics Page

Fees (or lack thereof) LOWEST SWAP FEES ON POLYGON!

Jetswap does not charge any fees other than the ridiculously low standard swap fee of 0.10%!!

So that means there are no deposit fees or withdrawal fees to farm or stake! The only fee is the 0.1% swap fee. 0.05% of the fee goes to liquidity providers and 0.05% is reserved for the treasury.

pWINGS & Tokenomics

pWINGS is the liquidity incentive token for Jetswap Polygon and is exclusive to the Polygon Network. pWINGS will follow the same inflationary emissions and burning of WINGS on BSC.

  • 2 pWINGS per block to Liquidity Providers and Pilot Pools
  • 0.2 pWINGS per block to the Treasury to be burned and used for operations & marketing
  • 0.2 pWINGS per block allocated for boosting Auto-Compounding Vaults
  • 0.1 pWINGS per block automatically burned

pWINGS will be a fair launch token with 100,000 pWINGS minted for initial liquidity at a starting price of $0.50. The launch market cap will only be $50,000!

Liquidity providers will be able to earn pWINGS with 15 liquidity pools and a WINGS single staking pool. The good news is that 74% of all pWINGS emissions go to pWINGS liquidity providers or pWINGS staking.

And the BUURNSS??

All of our future rollouts will have massive burns to keep the supply of pWINGS in check! We hardcoded 2,880 pWINGS to automatically burn every single day. The team allocation will also be periodically burned.

Future Burning Features:

  • Lottery
  • NFTs
  • IJOS
  • And more!

Why make a new token?

Polygon is a completely different blockchain than BSC and uses different contracts. In order to keep things as simple as possible, we’ve created pWINGS on Polygon that mirrors the fundamentals of WINGS on BSC.


Jetswap on BSC has been rigorously tested and auditor prior to launch and has undergone multiple audits. We’ve used the same code from Jetswap BSC so users can feel confident they are interacting with a safe AMM. You can see our two passing audits from Ether Authority & Hash0x.

Ether Authority Audit:

Hash0x Audit:

How to access Polygon Network?

Polygon is a layer 2 solution built on Ethereum that’s designed for extremely fast and cheap transactions. Polygon’s native token is MATIC. You can access the Polygon network easily through your Metamask browser or the Matic wallet at

Want to add Polygon to your Metamask manually? It’s very easy.

  1. Open Metamask
  2. Go to Settings — > Networks
  3. Add Network
  4. Network Name: Matic Mainnet (or whichever name you would like to use)
  5. New PRC URL:
  6. Chain ID: 137
  7. Currency Symbol: MATIC
  8. Block Explorer URL:

How to Bridge Assets to Polygon?

There are a number of ways to bridge your crypto assets from ETH & BSC to Polygon. Here are a few bridge options. Please note — We have not tested all of these bridges. Bridge at your own risk, if you lose funds they may be irrecoverable.



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