Introducing JETSWAP: Jetfuel.Finance’s AMM on Binance Smart Chain

Since the beginning, the team at Jetfuel has been working non stop to build a one stop shop for the DEFI User. We’ve successfully rolled out Yield Farms, Staking, a Launchpad, Automatic Compounding Vaults, A Reflect and Automatic Liquidity Token GFCE, a Lending and Borrowing Money Market, and now we’re so proud to present JETSWAP!

What is Jetswap?

Jetswap is an AMM (automated market maker) on Binance Smart Chain that’s powered by the WINGS token.

You can see Jetswap and all of its features here:

Launch Features will include:

  • Swapping and Liquidity
  • WINGS Yield Farming
  • WINGS Staking
  • Info/Analytics Page

Features to Come

  • Voting
  • Lottery
  • Boosted Auto-Compounding Vaults with the WINGS token
  • NFTs
  • IJOs Launchpad
  • Integrating Jetfuel and Jetswap into 1 UI.


Jetswap has been rigorously tested and audited prior to launch. We used the Certik audited Pancakeswap code as our base and hired Hash0x and Ether Authority to complete two additional audits to ensure we’re extra safu.

The potentially malicious items in PCS’s code have been removed like the migrator code. We also have made the staking rewards adjustable which means we can increase or decrease the amount of WINGS going to the POOLS after community voting.

Ether Authority Audit:
Hash0x Audit:

How many WINGS can I earn?

WINGS is an inflationary token with 2 WINGS per block emitted for the Farms and Staking Pools. 0.2 WINGS per block will also be allocated for the Boosted Vaults when they are active.

The Launch Farm list is:

You can also stake your WINGS, FTS, GFCE, and JETS to earn more WINGS!

What about BURNING?

All of our future roll outs will have massive burns to keep the supply of WINGS in check! We hardcoded 2,880 WINGS to automatically burn every single day. The team allocation will also be periodically burned.

Burning Features:

  • Lottery
  • NFTS
  • IJOS
  • And more!

Fees (or lack thereof)

Jetswap does not charge any fees other than the standard swap fee! So that means there are no deposit fees or withdraw fees to farm or stake! The only fee is the 0.3% swap fee. 0.25% of the fee goes to liquidity providers and 0.05% is reserved for the treasury.

What does the Jetswap team get?

The Jetswap team receives 10% of each harvest which is used for more burning and to fund operations of Jetswap. 0.05% of each swap is also reserved for the Jetswap Treasury.

When does WINGS farming go live?

WINGS farming goes live at block 7580000. You can head to and start adding liquidity in preparation of WINGS farming going live!

Block 7580000 is approximately 6:15 PM UTC. There is a countdown timer on the Farming Dashboard.

The team will add 100,000 WINGS of liquidity when farming goes live.


GFCE is going through a migration! You can migrate your GFCE v1 to GFCE v2 at the page at Jetfuel.

GFCE v2 will be the only supported GFCE moving forward.


  • Passive Yield: From 1% to 3% (more GFCE!)
  • Auto liquidity: from 1% to 3% (more liquidity!)
  • Special Staking: from 0.05% to 0%
  • Total transfer tax goes from 2% to 6%
  • Upgraded LP route from PCS v1 to Jetswap
  • Adding Lottery and ecosystem development rewards
  • Upgraded Whitelisting function

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