Introducing JETS, JetFuel.Finance Staking and Governance Token & and preview into G FORCE

3 min readDec 13, 2020


What a great week first we’ve had at Jetfuel.Finance!

This updates covers:

  1. JETS Staking
  2. GFORCE introduction

What is JETS? And how do I get it?

JETS is the staking and governance token of the JETFUEL Ecosystem. Jets will deliver multiple revenue streams for Fuel holders from the hangar reserves, vault rewards, GFORCE rewards, additional JETS staking rewards, and provide voting power when governance is launched. JETS will provide you with yield and reward opportunities for every single project Jetfuel supports.

Staking for JETS goes live at 12/13/2020 5 PM UTC.

How Can I Get JETS?

Jets can only be obtained by staking FUEL on Staking Page. The number of JETS you receive is based on your Fuel’s percentage of the Staking pool, it will not always be a 1:1 ratio.

What’s the equation to receive JETS?

(Amount of FUEL to Stake) * (Total JETS) / (totalFuel in Staking)

Jets are only created when Fuel is deposited into The Hangar, otherwise known as the staking contract.

Can I earn more JETS? What Kinds of rewards/yield will I get?

You will not earn more JETS. Instead, by holding JETS, you will be able to earn by holding. JETS will allow you to earn up to 4 different income streams, There’s currently nothing like it in BSC.

  1. FUEL Rewards from the Staking Pool
  2. FUEL rewards from each Vault Harvest
  3. GFORCE passive yield rewards
  4. JETS Staking Pool opportunities.
All Jetfuel Products Benefit JETS holders

Let’s explore these opportunities a little further..

FUEL Rewards from the Staking Pool.

FUEL has a 2% tax built into the contract. 1% of the transaction is burned forever and 1% of the transaction is sent to The Hangar. So that means every time FUEL is bought, sold, harvested, transferred, or put into an LP, The Hangar wallet is replenished with FUEL.

JETS holders will earn FUEL from this pool by Staking their FUEL. JETS holder’s earnings is based on the number of FUEL stakers and FUEL available in the contract. Currently, 60 FUEL will be sent from The Hangar Reserves to JETS holders

Fuel Rewards from the Vaults

Jetfuel’s vaults will provide JETS holders with FUEL! Depending on the optimizer strategy, the vaults will redistribute 4% of every harvest as FUEL back to JETS holders. This means JETS holders will receive market bought FUEL from every harvest.

GFORCE Passive Yields

G Force will be the third token integrated into the JETFUEL ecosystem. Following in the footsteps of passive yield tokens, GFORCE will split the transaction tax between GFORCE holders and JETS holders. This means JETS holders will automatically become GFORCE holders and will earn substantially higher yields than a standalone GFORCE holder.

More details about G FORCE to be released in the near future.

JETS Staking Pool Opportunities

Jets will be a stand-alone staking pool for yield farms across BSC. Along with the yields generated within the JETFUEL Ecosystem, JETS holders will have the opportunity to receive yields outside the Jetfuel ecosystem.

Can I trade JETS?

Jetfuel does not support Jets trading. JETS should be held, not sold since you need JETS in order to withdraw your Fuel + rewards. If your JETS are lost/unrecoverable, we are unable to assist you with the recovery of your FUEL + Rewards.

How do I get my FUEL back?

All you must do is click the “Convert To Fuel” button on the Staking Page to get your FUEL back. After the Metamask approval, your JETS will be burned and your Fuel will be returned to you less the transfer tax and 2.5% dev fee.

Your portion of the FUEL received from The Hangar reserves is calculated by:
(userJETS / totalJETS) * (total FUEL in staking pool)

Where’s the JETS Contract?

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Buy Fuel: Buy Fuel Here