Introducing GFORCE — Passive Yield, Unlimited Staking, Automatic Liquidity Generation, AUDITED.

5 min readMar 9, 2021

FUEL has been loaded into the JETS. We now have liftoff. What’s next, you ask? The GFORCE!

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Gforce is an innovative token in the Jetfuel.Finance Ecosystem that is revolutionizing the passive yield and staking token landscape built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Using the massive Jetfuel liquidity opportunities, GFCE will provide holders “unlimited” staking and liquidity generation with frictionless passive yield.

Binance Smart Chain is used for Jetfuel’s ecosystem due to the incredibly fast and cheap transaction times. As one of the fastest-growing chains ever created, Binance Smart chain is perfectly suited for this project.

Jetfuel.Finance is a rapidly growing Yield Farm, Yield Optimizer, Staking, Governance, project launchpad, and lending platform. Jetfuel seeks to be a one-stop-shop for Defi on Binance Smart Chain.

Main Features

GFORCE is built with five primary features.

  1. Frictionless Passive Yield with dynamic and adjustable reward rates
  2. Unlimited JETS Staking for GFORCE
  3. Automatic Liquidity Generation
  4. Double Yield Opportunities in LP Pairs with Liquidity Staking Rewards
  5. Whitelisting for CEX

Frictionless Passive Yield.

GFORCE is a frictionless passive Yield token with adjustable rewards rates that splits the transaction to multiple endpoints using dual balance tables to ensure holders of GFORCE get rewarded automatically. The frictionless passive yield is a secure gas-free yield generator.

The passive yield is achieved with a 1% transactional tax and automatically distributes the fee to GFCE holders. Gforce is unique in the fee split. 1% of the fee is allocated for GFORCE holders, and 0.05% is allocated to the GForce staking pool for JET users.

These measures ensure that every holder of GFORCE will passively earn GFORCE as long as there is transactional volume on-chain. Standard passive fees are rewarded automatically and do not require harvesting or contract transactions by users to gain more Gforce. Gforce fees are even earned while in a liquidity pool with another token in an AMM (Automated Market Maker). This allows for multiple avenues to earn additional yield from GFORCE.

The smart contract allows the passive yield to be adjusted between a minimum value of 0.0% and a maximum value of 5%.

Unlimited JETS Staking for GFORCE

As mentioned in the previous section. 0.05% of the fee split is directed to the permanent GFORCE staking pool for JETS holders. This 0.05% is fixed to the primary transactional passive yield tax. That means if the passive yield tax rises to 5%, then 0.25% per transaction is sent to JETS staking.

This ensures the staking pool will earn the most yield out of all the addresses and ensures unlimited staking for JETS holders. Initially, the staking pool will be funded with 20,000 GFCE from the ecosystem fund. The planned staking distribution schedule and the boosted earnings to the staking pool will ensure that there will always be GFORCE for JETS holders to earn.

Automatic Liquidity Generation

Gforce taxes 0.95% of each transaction for automatic liquidity generation and the GFCE is sent to the swap contract. The swap contract will be executed when more than 100 GFCE is in the swap contract. The transaction sent to fill the swap contract with more than 100 GFCE is the payer for the gas to swap the GFCE and add it to liquidity. The user who pays the gas fee is rewarded 2 GFCE to compensate for his gas costs.

Every time the reserves contract collects 100 GFORCE, the contract automatically sells half of the GFORCE for BNB, combines the BNB and GFORCE into an LP, and the LP is sent to a staking contract for users to farm GFCE-BNB LP using GFCE-BNB. This means GFORCE Liquidity Providers will stake their GFORCE-BNB LP, to earn more GFCE-BNB. The staking LP is always gaining more GFCE as on-chain transactions occur meaning the users will get more and more GFCE as they farm. GFCE-BNB farming for GFCE-BNB liquidity will start 1 month after the launch to build up the LP reserves.

The automatic liquidity will initially be pointed at the Pancakeswap GFORCE-BNB liquidity pair and the liquidity will be locked for two months. This allows the community enough time to build more liquidity through liquidity incentives and partner pools. Once Jetswap is ready, the locked liquidity from the token sale will be transferred to Jetswap, giving users more trading and arbitrage opportunities.

Double Earnings when providing liquidity

Providing GFCE to an LP pair earns the user double rewards. AMMs charge swap fees typically between 0.2% to 0.3% to buy or sell tokens on their exchange. LP holders receive a portion of the swap fee as an incentive to add liquidity to the pool. GFCE holders also receive additional GFCE from the frictionless passive yield feature built into the contract.

Whitelisted Feature

A common problem facing transactional tax tokens like GFORCE is the difficulty of listing on a CEX or centralized exchange. Many exchanges will move tokens between their hot, cold, and users wallets during their daily operations. The tax on these tokens reduces the amount the exchanges hold, thus, creating accounting issues for the exchange and the users.

In order to solve this problem, GFORCE has a built-in whitelisting feature that allows transactions with whitelisted addresses to disable the transaction tax. The transactions sent to this address would receive the full amount of GFCE with 0 taxes withdrawn. By doing so, GFORCE is much more likely to be listed on DEFI apps and centralized exchanges where transactional taxes cause issues.


GFORCE Total Supply: 1,000,000 GFORCE.

IJO Sale Allocation: 500,000 GFCE

Max IJO Bonus Allocation: 25,000 (from the ecosystem fund)

Ecosystem Fund: 200,000 GFCE

Starting Liquidity: 100,000 GFCE

Team Treasury: 200,000 GFCE

Listing Market Cap: $1.1M

Initial Jetfuel Offering Information:

The token sale will take place directly on Jetfuel.Finance using the Jetfuel Launchpad. A full tutorial article on the buying process will be released prior to the sale.

Token Sale Date: March 11th at 5 pm UTC

  • Sale Price: $1.00
  • Raised in BUSD
  • Per Wallet Cap: $5,000
  • JETS Bonus: 5%

Example: A JETS holder has $1,000 worth of JETS in their wallet. They have $2,000 available to buy GFCE. The amount of JETS in USD will be available for the bonus. They will contribute $2,000 and receive a 5% bonus on the $1,000 of JETS value, then no bonus after $1,000.

Purchase: $2,000

Bonus: $1,000 * 105% * $1 per GFCE = 1,050 GFCE

Non Bonus: $1,000 * $1 per GFCE = 1;000 GFCE

Total = Bought GFCE 2,000 + Bonus GFCE 50 = 2,050 GFCE purchased.

When Do I Receive My GFCE?

The GFCE will be distributed to all sale participants shortly after the sale has concluded. All transfers will be locked until the Pancakeswap LP is created.

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