Introducing FWINGS at Fantom Jetswap! FWINGS farming starts at 5 pm UTC on September 27th

Fantom Jetswap launches at 5 PM UTC on Sept 27th

Jetswap Fantom

The cross-chain Jetswap expansion rages ahead with Fantom Jetswap! We can’t wait to release our next token fWINGS at 5 PM UTC on Monday September 27th. The timestamp fWINGS emissions begins at 1632762000

What is Fantom Jetswap?

Fantom Jetswap is Jetfuel.Finance’s DEX AMM (Decentralized Automated Market Maker) built on the EVM Compatible Fantom Blockchain.

What is fWINGS?

Fwings is the liquidity incentive and governance token for Fantom Jetswap. fWINGS can be earned through yield farming, staking, lotteries, and so much more!

fWINGS Contract Address: 0x3D8f1ACCEe8e263F837138829B6C4517473d0688

How do you access Fantom Jetswap?

Fantom Jetswap can be easily accessed at You can also access Fantom Jetswap by clicking on the Network Button on the top right hand corner of the website.

Most wallets have an automatic pop-up that fills in the required information to connect to the Fantom Block Chain. If your wallet does not auto populate the chain information, you can access Fantom by following these simple steps with Metamask or any other compatible wallet.

  1. Select Network: Custom RPC

2. Network Name: Fantom Opera
RPC Url:
ChainID: 250
Symbol: FTM
Block Explorer URL:

3. Click Save

Liquidity and swapping is enabled prior to the fWINGS! Feel free to swap and add liquidity prior to fWINGS emissions start.

What is Fantom?

Fantom is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. FTM is the gas token for Fantom. All transactions require FTM to be paid as the gas fee.

FWINGS Tokenomics

Fwings is similar to wings & pwings with an inflationary emissions schedule.

FWINGS are emitted at 0.5 FWINGS per second to Farms and Pilot Pools.

0.05 FWINGS per second is allocated to the Treasury and 0.05 FWINGS per second are allocated to a autocompounding vault boosted fund.

0.01 FWINGS are burned per second.

50,000 FWINGS will be provided as initial liquidity at a starting price of $0.50 per FWINGS.

Fantom Jetswap Fees

Fantom Jetswap is committed to providing investors and traders the lowest fees on Fantom. There are 0 staking, farming, or deposit fees.

The swap fee is only 0.1%! Liquidity providers earn 0.05% per trade and the Jetswap Treasury is provided 0.05% per trade. This means a $1,000 trade only pays $1 for the swap fee!

Starting Farms

FWINGS emissions begin at 5 pm UTC on September 27th only at Fantom.Jetswap.Finance. You can earn FWINGS by providing liquidity and staking the Fantom Jetswap LP tokens in the following farms.

Audits & Security

Fantom Jetswap is based on the bullet proof and battle tested code of our BSC & Polygon Jetswap. We have a low risk rating with Rug Doc and Highly Secured Ratings from Hash0x & Ether Authority Security Auditing Firms. You can see the audits here:


Ether Authority:

Partnership Application

Are you a project owner or developer looking for your next liquidity provider? Look no further! Please apply with our whitelist application & $1m incentive program and someone from our business development team will reach out to onboard your project! Apply here:

How to Bridge Assets to Fantom

There are a number of bridges to move assets from other blockchains and networks like Ethereum, Binance Smartchain, Polygon and more by using the bridges below: BSC to FTM

Quick Links

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