Fortress 4x Staking with FTS

The next exciting product launch for Fortress is the 4x staking pool using FTS! FTS holders can now take advantage of a lucrative opportunity to earn additional rewards when FTS is supplied to Fortress.

FTS holders will now be able to earn FTS, BTCB, BUSD, and BNB at the same time!

The 4x staking pool will go live on September 30th.

How to earn 4x rewards

  1. Stake your FTS in the Supply Market to Earn FTS.
  2. Receive fFTS receipt tokens as your proof of supply.
  3. Stake your fFTS token in the Fortress Vault to earn BTCB, BUSD & BNB at the same time!
  4. There is a 7-day lock-up on all fFTS deposits while in the 4x staking pool. Any subsequent deposits will reset the withdrawal timer.

The BTCB, BNB, and BUSD rewards were generated from the reserves factor paid by borrowers.

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