Cosmosium Finance IJO! How to buy the $BUZZ token on the Jetswap IJO Launchpad

2 min readFeb 10, 2022


Starting February 10th at 10 AM UTC

We are thrilled to welcome Cosmosium Finance to Binance Smart Chain via the BSC JetSwap IJO Launchpad! This IJO will raise using $BUSD. Just so you know, “IJO” means Initial JetSwap Offering.

There will be a 2x $WINGS farming pool for $BUZZ — $BNB and a high APR $WINGS for $BUZZ pilot pool enabled soon after the IJO.

Get ready for the sale only at:

What is Cosmosium?

Cosmosium Finance is filling the gaps in DeFi world by approaching earning systems on a different way. The main idea behind Cosmosium Finance is not just a simple DeFi & stake to earn project. The Cosmosium aims to develop a great Decentralized Alliance for all types of projects that can be capable of interactions with financial instruments that we offer. All of Cosmosium’s products are mainly focused on achieving a great partnership for any type of project. For example, of these products our simple Index system which named Galaxies on the Cosmosium ecosystem.

$BUZZ is the token of the Cosmosium Ecosystem

Cosmosium Community Information

Buzz Token Address:
$BUZZ Audit:

IJO Information:

  • Date: February 10th 10 AM UTC
  • End Time: February 10th, 10 PM UTC
  • Token Ticker: $BUZZ
  • Tokens for Sale: 3,510,000 $BUZZ
  • Token Price: $0.02849
  • Fundraising Goal: $100,000 with $BUSD
  • Per Wallet Cap: $5,000 $USDC
  • Style: Capped Overflow Method

The $BUZZ IJO will take place directly on Binance Smart Chain using the IJO launchpad. The sale method is the Capped Overflow Method so be sure to claim your $BUZZ tokens while you can. You can find more information about the IJO process here:

How to participate in the IJO

What to do to get prepared for the sale:

All you must do is purchase $BUSD tokens from Jetswap.Finance or have some $BUSD in your wallet prior to the IJO.

What to do during the sale:

  1. Go to and get ready for the sale.
  2. While the sale is live, commit your $BUSD tokens to buy the $BUZZ tokens. You are purchasing the tokens with your $BUSD tokens. This is not the same as “staking”.
  3. The sale will last for about 12 hours.

What to do after the sale:

When the sale is complete, claim the $BUZZ tokens you’ve bought. $BUZZ will be listed at Jetswap.

A 2x $BUZZ — $BNB farming pool will be opened to earn $WINGS. There will be a high APR $WINGS to earn $BUZZ pool opened.

Got any questions? Join the Jetfuel/Jetswap Telegram and ask away: