Astronaut $pNAUT IJO at Jetswap Polygon! Starting October 6th at 5 PM UTC

We are thrilled to welcome Astronaut Finance’s expansion to Polygon via the Polygon Jetswap IJO Launchpad! IJO means Initial Jetswap Offering. The IJO will raise using $USDC.

There will be a 2x pWINGS farming pool for pNAUT-MATIC and a high APR pWINGS for pNAUT Pilot pool enabled shortly after the IJO.

Get ready for the sale ONLY AT

What is Astronaut Finance?

Astronaut enables projects to raise capital on a decentralized, permissionless, and interoperable environment based on the Binance Smart chain and now Polygon Network!

The platform allows cryptocurrency projects to raise funds by setting up a pool based on a fixed purchase rate for tokens. These so-called “Pools” have a soft cap and a hard cap. Polygon $pNAUT native token holders can stake USDC and receive an allocation of the IDO.

Astronaut Website:
Astronaut Telegram:
Astronaut Twitter:

IJO Information:

Please note — The $pNAUT token on Polygon is NOT the same as the $NAUT BSC token. They are separate tokens and will not be bridged. The values between each token will fluctuate

The $NAUT IJO will take place directly on Polygon Jetswap.Finance using the IJO launchpad. The sale method is the Capped Overflow Method. You can find more information about the IJO process here:

How to participate in the IJO

To get prepared for the sale:

Easy! All you must do is purchase USDC tokens from Polygon.Jetswap.Finance or have some Polygon USDC in your wallet prior to the IJO.

What to do during the sale:

  1. Go to and get ready for the sale.
  2. While the sale is live, commit your USDC tokens to buy the pNAUT tokens. You are purchasing the tokens with your USDC tokens. This is not the same as “staking”.
  3. The sale will last for about 12 hours.

What to do after the sale:

  1. When the sale is complete, claim the pNAUT tokens you’ve bought. Your unspent funds will also be sent back to you.
  2. Done! In the case of oversubscription, you can unstake your remaining USDC tokens.
  3. Half of the raised USDC (less Jetswap Commission) will be used to buyback and burn pWINGS & pFORCE

Got any questions? Join the Jetfuel/Jetswap Telegram and ask away!