✈ Jetfuelers & Jetswappers! Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean the fun is going to stop. In fact, the party’s just getting started with our #HarvestMoonHolidays! 🍂

Starting the 4th of October 2021, we’ve got a jam-packed schedule for the next 2 months with something exciting happening every…

The next exciting product launch for Fortress is the 4x staking pool using FTS! FTS holders can now take advantage of a lucrative opportunity to earn additional rewards when FTS is supplied to Fortress.

FTS holders will now be able to earn FTS, BTCB, BUSD, and BNB at the same…

Introducing FWINGS at Fantom Jetswap! FWINGS farming starts at 5 pm UTC on September 27th

Fantom Jetswap launches at 5 PM UTC on Sept 27th

Jetswap Fantom

The cross-chain Jetswap expansion rages ahead with Fantom Jetswap! We can’t wait to release our next token fWINGS at 5 PM UTC on Monday September 27th. The timestamp fWINGS emissions begins at 1632762000

What is Fantom Jetswap?

Fantom Jetswap…

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